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Cool Beans Comedy

Aug 1, 2019

All right, guys! If you're watching the vide podcast, then you might notice that Cool Beans Comedy Producer Cory Craig has a few stitches these days on his face from playing basketball. Needless to say, Cory announced his retirement from recreational basketball immediately following what's come to be known as the "incident."

But stitches won't stop Coirey Craig from bringing you an incredible Cool Beans Comedy podcast this week with Jesus Trejo, Francisco Ramos and Fabrizio Copano. They may be individually hilarious, but they talk about joining forces for their incredible show, "Trifecta Comedy." It's a brand new, Spanish-speaking comedy brand that gives a voice to a less served demographic.

They are amazing. We hear about the origin of Trifecta, their upcoming shows and plans for the future. You are going to love it!

Check out Trifecta Comedy for all of their upcoming shows.