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Cool Beans Comedy

Apr 11, 2019

Casting Director Nickole Doro discusses her most recent: the revival of SNL for the Nickelodeon audience, "All That." Yeah, that's right! The show is coming back to Nickelodeon and Corey was a HUGE fan.

Two of the new series regulars were part of Cool Beans U, and Corey personally coached one of the new series regulars up until the moment he booked the show!

Nickole gives us a glimpse of casting for Nickelodeon, the global serach for casting performers, and how important it is to simply have fun in an audition. Don't miss her words!

Also, we have some INCREDIBLE shows this month!

April 13th we have Taylor Tomlinson and Dustin Ybarra, and April 28th is with Jesus Trejo and a super-secret surprise celebrity guest who you do not want to miss!

Tickets are available at:

With that, let's listen in on our good friend Nickole Doro.